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  • US Head Office: +1 6-7 756 1234

  • UK: +44 (0)20 3372 1234
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In Brewing News:

  • We’re Up!

    Our palace-to-be has come a long way. A little bit of blood, sweat, and beer has turned the bare rooms into the exciting domain…

  • Visit to TAPS

    Last week we went and visited Taps, the first turnkey brewery that the Brew-Tek team set up, located in Shenzhen. Taps first started…

  • Moving on up

    We’ve recently just moved our office and are currently doing some refurbishments to the new Brew-Tek home. Soon to be our new palace……

  • 3BBL BrewFresh Brewhouse

    Our 3BBL Brewhouse ready for shipping. Isn't she pretty?!!