Case Study: TAPS, Shenzhen

BREW-TEK not only monopolize our teams vast array of knowledge built up over a number of years designing our market leading products but combines this in helping our loyal customers brewing ideas become reality. We have worked with numerous companies and partners throughout the world designing spaces to brew incredible beer and to allow fellow beer lovers come together to try the latest creations and inspire conversation.
TAPS, a brewpub based in Shenzhen, China was one of our very first customers that received the full turnkey BREW-TEK experience. Three years ago Gavin and Daniel, the founders of TAPS, began a process that led them to create the first in what would turn out to be an ever expanding series of brewpubs, with two new locations on the horizon.
We got the chance to sit down with them and discuss their experience with BREW-TEK and ask them the inspiration behind TAPS. They wanted to create a space that allowed people to engage with their beer and the process of creating the perfect brew. By founding TAPS, they have achieved this as well as being a leader in introducing a craft beer culture in Shenzhen.





When initially establishing TAPS, BREW-TEK was on hand to not only provide equipment but worked with Gavin and Daniel to create an entire solution, researching the local regulations, connecting TAPS to ingredient suppliers and determining production needs in relation to price point. This hands on service provided by BREW-TEK can help tailor your equipment and specialized advice to your needs.






Being able to adapt and follow the latest developments within the brewing industry means that alongside the continued support BREW-TEK offers with its equipment, we can also suggest continual improvements on your existing system as the industry evolves. With TAPS we have been able to improve upon their glycol system and introduce them to new insulation materials.
Whether you are brewing your first or your hundredth brew, knowing you have a team that you can call on for technical support for equipment issues is a reassuring concept. In conjunction with that at BREW-TEK our resident professional brewer is on hand to help with any of your queries.
TAPS’ brewmaster Gavin’s origins were as a homebrewer who then undertook an internship in Europe. Combining this with Daniel’s experience as an entrepreneur has meant that they have crafted some of the best beer in Shenzhen if not China, and we are proud to continue to be a part of their brewing support team.
See the full interview we conducted with TAPS below!




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