BrewFresh Bright Beer Tank

BBTThe Brew-Tek, BrewFresh Bright Beer Tanks are fabricated using certified 304 stainless steel for all material and components. Sanitary construction with 100% TIG welded and sanitary polished with stringent controls. Inspection and pressure tested. We guarantee unsurpassed tank quality and fantastic value with all valves and fittings included. We custom fabricate tanks to meet the brewer’s specifications, or the brewery’s space restrictions. Design pressure at 30psi to meet standard brewing industry requirements. Custom configuration available.



– Available in sizes ranging from nano brew/pilot size to full commercial brewing sizes.

– Built from the highest quality, certified (304) stainless steel to your exact/custom specifications.

– Jacketed and fully insulated with multiple-zone glycol jackets. Standard 2 zone for vessels <6000L.

– Include a top or side man-way for inspections.

– Safety elements include a pressure & vacuum relief safety valves. (30psi/>2bar)

– Built in a sample valve and sanitary pressure gauge.  Additional parts to the BBT consist of a thermowell, CIP arm and spray ball.

– Valves on the drain/outlet and the racking arm , are 1.5″ triclover butterfly valves as standard.

– Vessels comes standard with 25% headroom, sturdy leg support, adjustable footing and a fully welded exterior.




– Design pressure 30psi.


– 4 stainless steel legs with leveling foot pads in stainless steel.


– Interior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 3mm.


– Exterior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm.


– Interior and exterior finish bright polish to 250 grit.


– Flanged and dished head top and bottom, 25% head space.


– Side or top man-way door, shadow less.


– Dual zone cooling jacket (3/4 zones for larger tanks).


– Bottom fittings include 2 x 1.5″ TC valves. (Drain/CIP and racking)


– Polyurethane insulation thickness 80mm/>3” for cooling jackets.


– Fully welded exterior shell.


– CIP arm and spray ball.


– Carbonation system with a 8” sinter stone with quick connect CO2 connections.


– Vacuum & pressure relief valve, relief pressure 30psi.


– Digital thermocouple and analogue thermometer.


– Perlick style sample valve.


– Tank complete with fittings, valves and all parts.

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