BrewFresh Brewhouse

3BBLBrewhouseOur BrewFresh commercial brewhouse design incorporates (304) Stainless Steel, built to customized specifications.




– Mash/lauter tun with reversible variable speed drive (VSD) rake control.

– Flow meter for water in/wort out. CIP under flush on the mash tun for easy cleaning.

– Pressure differential sight glass indicator on the mash tun.

– Kettle with whirlpool capabilities

– 2-stage plate heat exchanger with 0₂ aeration accessory and hot/cold mixing

– VSD mobile or stationary transfer pumps. All valves are butterfly valves

– CIP entire brewhouse by the push of a button.

– Central electrical control system for the whole brewery

– Non-slip safety platform, with all the necessary piping.

– Whether you want your brewhouse running off of steam, electricity or propane gas,  we customize to your requirements.



We can help you grow! The 3 – 15BBL BrewFresh brewhouse system is a great way to start your brewing adventure. Once you start to expand, you can brew double batches to fill larger fermenting vessels (FVs). When you reach the big time, we can supply you with a larger brewhouse to suit any of your expansion requirements. Our innovative, engineering and design team has over 20+ years of experience in the craft microbrew business and we want to partner with you to, “Brew with the Best!”

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